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One day, while Persephone was picking flowers, Pluto opened the earth under her feet and kidnapped her. Ceres noticed her daughter was missing, and in her grief, she stopped taking care of herself and her duties, so crops started dying and mankind suffered from starvation. Persephone was not doing very well either, as she missed her mother, so Pluto allowed her to visit Ceres, but before she went, he offered her several pomegranate seeds.

Without knowing pomegranate seeds denote sexual consummation, Persephone ate them, validating and confirming her marriage to Pluto. When Persephone visited her mother, Ceres rejoiced but quickly angered after finding out Persephone ate the seeds and would have to return to Pluto. In the end, Persephone was allowed to visit her mother during certain months, at this time the earth was fertile, crops grew and prosperity abounded and spring was born.

When it was time for Persephone to go back to Pluto in the Underworld, Ceres would mourn and grieve, ignoring her tending for the earth, and the fall season would take place. With all that said, astrologically, Ceres symbolizes parental nurturing. On the downside, she represents loss, mourning, grief, obsessive and overly protective behaviors, separations and difficult mothers in law! Juno was worshiped in Rome and the month of June was named in her honor. Zeus had many affairs and sired many children from those affairs, but Hera always stayed at his side faithfully.

She has been sometimes portrayed as vengeful, possessive, manipulative and jealous. Juno represents the capacity for committed relationships using the feminine energies to express creativity, sensitivity, equality and faithfulness. She relates to equality and balance in relationships, the need for commitment, passion, intimacy and joy. She represents sexuality within a committed relationship.

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The distorted energy would relate to fears of betrayal and abandonment is relationships as well as the oppression of women. Finally, an honorable mention to Chiron who is a Centaur and not an asteroid, but a very important piece in our charts. The wounded healer connects to those deep unresolved issues we have.

These are the most used asteroids in astrology, all of them are very important symbols, so pay attention to their own transits in the sky. So, we have all three planets associated with transformation and the Underworld involved in a t-square, with Ceres as the focal point. Transformation means going beyond the current organizing principles. In many ways, secondary progressions are the ultimate indicator of Life Seasons, because only the inner personal planets and asteroids progress enough to form new aspects, and yet these occur over an extended time similar to outer-planet transits.

So, we can look at the long-term emergence of elemental personal processes that we all grapple with on a regular basis. Progressions basically track the three months of transits after your birth.

Vesta: An Astrological Key on Sacred Sexuality

Along with the nine months of gestation, this completes the yearly cycle — a Cosmic cycle — your Season of Becoming. Remember, the first step in the transformational process is represented by Vesta, who symbolizes the focusing, concentrative effects of having left the ordinary world. The Vestal virgins dedicated their lives in service to the sacred flame. As an archetype, Vesta represents both the social focus of the central hearth and the compressive power of fire itself as it alchemically transforms the dark matter or fuel into the spiritual energy of the sacred flame. Accordingly, those who are in this stage of the transformative process often experience heavy emotions connected with separation, isolation, and alienation.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this compressive state has positive utility. It can be seen as a metaphor for stored energy with the potential for a powerful release. Mars, also in Scorpio, is in his nocturnal rulership. Here, the Warrior Planet must navigate a landscape of darkness and so must express himself somewhat indirectly. Thus, we might expect that, when Cobain was presented with the initiatory energy of transformative situations Vesta that invited him to go beyond his current organizing principles, he would react idealistically Neptune , defensively, or instinctively and perhaps in a passive—aggressive fashion nocturnal Mars.

These instincts would tend to express themselves in the 3rd-house arenas of friends and the local social scene. The first important event in the life of the young Kurt Cobain was the separation of his parents in when he was eight years old. Cobain became withdrawn at first but then grew resentful and rebellious about being shuffled between friends and family.

The next step in the transformational process is represented by Pallas, who symbolizes the creative release of the potential energy stored in the previous stage. A Warrior Goddess, she is the companion of heroes and the patron of heroic endeavor.

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The Parthenon was built for her worship, so she can also be associated with artistic expression. In terms of process, Pallas signifies the repetition of patterns representative of a new order that is called forth to replace the old outworn order. Thus, we can expect that the ultimate release of the compressive forces from the Vesta stage of transformation would be experienced in a very primal and forceful fashion Aries is the diurnal rulership of Mars. This abundant energy could lead to a very dramatic expansion exalted Jupiter.

Asteroids In Astrology Interpretation

Aries needs to be the pioneer, and the 8th house is about merging, so it is no surprise that Cobain and his band mates liked to experiment with raw distorted sounds in fusing the primal genres of punk rock and heavy metal. This is symbolized in the chart by progressed Evening Star Venus making a conjunction with natal Pallas in Aries.

The progressed Moon joined Venus and Pallas in , as the band went through the process of reiterating the new pattern with several different drummers. Juno was, of course, the wife of Jupiter, so she often indicates partners but also the overall principle of connectivity. Ultimately, a new order emerges completely when one follows the connections that Juno represents.

By engaging with new players, the person transitions from one story to another. In fact, the ready availability of drugs to a rock star made it easy for Cobain to use them to self-medicate his chronic stomach pain. The two were formally introduced in May and pursued a courtship that autumn.

Pallas, Juno, and Vesta: The Three Jewels of Your Astrology Chart

I do not wish to seem judgmental of Courtney Love here, but I do want to point out that she obviously represents an old story, not a new one. She basically embodies the unhealthy model of relationships given to Cobain by his parents. At this point in his life, almost anyone he met would have done so, because through no fault of his own he inherited an unhealthy story around relationships. Without serious work in this area, the inherited story is the default.

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Cobain had transformed his personal life story into that of the Wanderer Hero, but in choosing which connections to follow, he made an error in judgment. On the personal level of the asteroids, this can be reflected in our lives as the ability to transition between the four Heroic archetypes: Warrior fire , Wanderer air , Martyr water , and Magician earth. When we have walked one path for too long, we may experience stagnation unless and until we are able to pursue one of the other Heroic archetypes.

The path of the Hero is also a process, not a destination. Sometimes we cannot be satisfied with having made the transformative journey to the Underworld only once in our lives. Accordingly, we can see the return of symbolism indicating the first step of transformation at the time of his death in See Chart 2, outer wheel, p.

The grand trine is not necessarily beneficial and can be tragic. In fact, some of the most cogent explanations for the fiery and airy parts of his temperament come from including these asteroids! Furthermore, at each major turn in his life, we note, by progression, the corresponding symbolism of the three-step process of transformation. I am convinced that, with some guidance in this process, this obviously intelligent young man would have had a much better chance to choose stories that would have led him instead toward rebirth from the Underworld.

This single revelation is often extremely liberating for people! Even when it is not so simple, the knowledge that there is an organic flow to the process allows people to understand and accept where they are — and also to anticipate how the next step will look and feel. In this way, I believe that the transformative process represented by the Asteroid Goddesses is much more encouraging, empowering, and pragmatic than any analysis that includes only Pluto and the outer planets as transformational agents.

Accordingly, On July 19, , the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high, closing above 14, for the first time. Yet, as Vesta returns from this rare visual appearance to her place in the US chart, and retrogrades across it she brings the cleansing compressive forces and consequences of the shadow side of our financial sector. The obvious question now becomes: Which Presidential candidate can invoke the creative release of the Pallas stage of Transformation and begin to invite a new Story for the US to inhabit?

In the most recent debate Barack Obama said he believes he can create a whole new economic boom similar to that of the dot com boom by creating an alternative energy industry here in the US. He noted that it only took us ten years to get to the Moon once we had a President who made the commitment to the Vision to get there.

Personally, I believe in him and his Vision —without reservation. Ever since the US has basically been in the Vesta stage of transformation. The Vesta stage is characterized by a compressed state of heavy emotions where we are called to focus on who we were, who we are and who we want to become. So, there should have been a Mundane event which would easily point this out, right?

The last major Mundane events were the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions of Starting with the conjunction in Aquarius —they will fall in air signs for most of the next two centuries. So, where did this very unusual Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of fall in relation to the US Sibley chart?

And so the next question is: what is the next major Mundane event and does it signify entering the Pallas stage of Transformation and creative release from the compression of the last 8 years? Well, the next major Mundane event are the triple conjunctions of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune next year in These will occur in the latter part of Aquarius, from degrees. Well, what do you know —that is very closely conjunct US natal Pallas! And this brings up the next question: If the US is poised to enter the Pallas stage of Transformation, how do we know that Barack Obama is the person to lead us?

In the most recent debate, McCain said he wants to buy back and re-negotiate mortgages and also impose a government spending freeze? Obama, on the other hand, says he wants to create a whole new Industry around sustainable energy in this country —one that would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and that we could eventually export to other energy hungry countries like China. He says we can accomplish this in ten years if we make the same commitment that President Kennedy made to landing on the Moon.