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Libra horoscope gives you a detailed insight into Libra in terms of love and career. The yearly predictions for the Libra zodiac sign are unmissable. March Do some Libra weekly horoscope reveals all!

Whats The Luckiest Zodiac Sign.

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Lucky Numbers For Sagittarius Today. The world's top 10 most popular lottery numbers have been. Horoscope today: Astrological prediction for August 6. Bhagya Sparsh. Colours of love and luck, as per the Zodiac signs The. Gemini horoscope for August What this month holds for. Feng Shui - Lucky colors for , Year of the Dog.

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Capricorn Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect! Aries Lucky Pick 3 Numbers. A good combo.

Get practical things done. Clean your house, get organized, take leaves, pay attention to your diet budget and work. September has gone by.

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Mercury in Libra is moving very fast now. Watch for quick flashes if insights especially as Mercury trines Uranus. Venus and Neptune at Herculaneum Ancient Roman mosaic. A practical grounded magic should be worked today. In the flesh. Be aware of propitious serendipity today and for the next couple of days. Falling in love with love is likely but your feet manage to stay on the ground. This is a good thing. Is that you?

Look at your natal chart to see how this grounded tantric energy is affecting you. Venus in Virgo can let go of her OCD today as Neptune invites her to a spiritual dance in the deep waters of the ocean or the magnificent stars in the sky. Be creative today write; take stock; sing paint dance make love; plan those dreams and visions. This is another lovely energy as mental balance and a state of Grace can be achieved by simply being polite and having old-fashioned good manners.

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Our heads are up in the clouds thinking about love romance social affairs and justice. Remember to breathe. Yes , things are getting very windy airy head out to sea and sail. Put on your dreamy thinking cap and go to higher consciousness dimensions for answers to the current dilemmas. It is a day of fasting and prayers of forgiveness and a cleansing for the New Year. Happy New Year. Saturday is a very light day planetary wise. Take a breather before October. Stay tuned. I am Agent See you soon. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. The millionaire founder of the magazine and Brand empire was considered a libertarian of sexual mores by making a philosophy of turning women into complete sexual objects for macho consumption more than ever before on a mass level.

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Sex sells and Hef sold it big time. I do not consider that liberation at all from a feminist standpoint. Yes old Puritanical mores were dropped and that is liberating. Women are not empowered by being sex toys for men to consume at their will. PLayboy was first published in December Hefner was 27 newly married and a father. Hefner wrote in 25 installments starting in was simple: Society was to blame. His causes —abortion rights, decriminalization of marijuana and, most important, the repeal of 19th-century sex laws — were daring at the time. Ten years later, they would be unexceptional.

Y Times Obituary. Hefner won civil liberties awards. His magazine became famous for its serious interviews. Hefner was born into a very repressive Methodist family. His father was a descendant of the Puritan Governor of Plymouth. This symbolizes ideas invention pioneering and equality in the 5th house of love affairs creativity and leadership natch. This ideal affects mass consciousness and brings freedom and change to society and to the masses.

That is a wife-whore split energy which Hef exploited. This aspect makes the fantasy of the forbidden sexuality of woman that it is OK to cheat on your wife or to have affairs a norm. This makes it OK to cheat on your wife or to have affairs a norm. It is like reading a recipe for the planets.

His thinking was out of the box and initiated change in traditional male-female relationships. He worshipped women as the Goddess unconsciously but also exploited and martyred them.